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Around The Oven
Puff Pastry Chicken

Puff Pastry Chicken 58

Well this recipe was born out of my curiosity and a need of trying something new with puff pastry that... may not work out ;) Though it did work out and surprisingly it is very tasty :) What that is? Zobacz więcej
Salt-Baked Ham & Pork Belly is just what you need! I don’t know about you guys but I haven’t started my Christmas preparation yet! I still have a lot of Christmas presents to buy and not so much Zobacz więcej
Była tortilla hiszpańska. Omlet z warzywami. A teraz czas na to z, czym wszyscy kojarzą słowo "tortilla" czyli wersja meksykańska - tortilla wraps. W tym przepisie podawana z kurczakiem w pysznej i Zobacz więcej
Do restauracji Saffron Spices przychodzimy z M od kilku lat - głównie dla dań z karty indyjskiej (chociaż dania tajskie też tu jadaliśmy). Ostatnia nasza wizyta była zupełnie spontaniczna - okazało Zobacz więcej
W tym tygodniu wybrałam się wraz z Amber, koleżanką z kulinarnej blogosfery, do nowej restauracji indyjskiej Saffron Spices zlokalizowanej przy Pl. Konstytucji w Warszawie. Do jej odwiedzenia skłoniła Zobacz więcej
Spices | The Masala Dabba #1, Jan 2016 {Nigella, Fenugreek, Caraway} - Passionate About Baking Home About me Contact Me Mentions Recipe Index Fit Foodie India The Masala Dabba Spices | The Masala Zobacz więcej
Foodtalk | The Masala Dabba #2. Spicing up desserts and journeying further into the spice box - Passionate About Baking Home About me Contact Me Mentions Recipe Index Fit Foodie India spice The Masala Zobacz więcej
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Ezme Salata

Ezme Salata 214

This dish made me reconsider the value of an onion. It’s a great companion to fish as well as red meat. Thanks to all the parsley you will not turn into an onion breathing dragon, what’s more mint Zobacz więcej
Just a quick list to remind you what we already have in Christmas presents section: Spiced orange liqueur (arancello) Rosemary & mint salt Cranberry & orange jam with vanilla and cardamom Zobacz więcej
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Pumpkin Soup

Pumpkin Soup 147

Yes, I’m still taking the most out of pumpkin season. This time a simple pumpkin soup. I know you can do this soup all sorts of ways. Spicy or sweet, with coconut milk or cream. And it’s all great but Zobacz więcej
A while ago I was sent a box of spices to review. You may think: “Spices? Not a big deal..” but they’re not usual spices, it’s Alchemic Larder – 16 magical ingredients & some notions for potions, Zobacz więcej
It has been cold for a week now and I started craving more warm food. Moreover, I woke up today feeling not very well. So the time for nutritious and warming up breakfast arrived! QUINOA with PLUMS Zobacz więcej
Autumn IS my favourite time of the year. The sun isn't so "sharp" anymore, its light is more mellow and heat more pleasant. The leaves turn to all the different colours - from golden brown to orange, Zobacz więcej
I was really keen to cook those pancakes since I first saw them in December’s “Good Food” issue. I love the aroma and the taste of spices such as cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, pepper. In many Polish Zobacz więcej
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Anula's Kitchen
Pan-fried fruity aubergine...

Pan-fried fruity aubergine... 40

You know how I like Indian food and usually it's really fuss free and labor free meal. The below dish, even tho there aren't many ingredients, turned out to take quite a long time to prepare. Imagine Zobacz więcej
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Factory of Taste
Xinjiang Spice Mix

Xinjiang Spice Mix 22

This special mix of spices is necessary for anybody who wants to try one of dishes originating from Xinjiang. All you need: 30 g cumin 1 tbsp chili flakes 1 tbsp black pepper tbsp Sichuan pepper Zobacz więcej
Any types, kinds of food preservation is very popular in Poland and Eastern Europe. Hubby tried to make a meat conserve twice already - the result was only "so-so". As the say "third time lucky"... Zobacz więcej
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Portugal #1 Grilled Sardines

Portugal #1 Grilled Sardines 39

I love holidays especially in a place where is lovely weather all the time and I am surrounded by delicious&fresh food. In Vila Praia de Ancora (small village located on north-western tip of Zobacz więcej
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Anula's Kitchen
Spiced potato soup...

Spiced potato soup... 58

Light and tasty, this creamy and mild vegetable soup is perfect for lunch or as a starter. It's good warm or cold. It's very cheap to make and also quick and easy - something great to fit into a busy Zobacz więcej Obserwuj bloga Obserwujesz bloga
all-american cheeseburger

all-american cheeseburger 24

all-american cheeseburger She's beauty and she's grace. She is miss United States. stuff •ground beef •bacon •cheese •gherkin •shallot •egg •watercress •hamburger buns •brown sauce •sweet Zobacz więcej