black currant vinegar

red cabbage finely chopped small onion cup peanut halves sauce: 1 tbs wine vinegar or lemon juice 1 tbs olive oil 1-2 tbs sweet-sour jam, e.g. cherry or black currant salt, pepper Roast peanuts in Zobacz więcej
1 kg), cored and thinly sliced 1 yellow or red onion 4 sourish apples 2 tbsp vegetable oil or vegetable margarine 8 cloves 5 allspice 1-2 tbsp brown sugar 0,8 C black currant syrup (optional) 3 tbsp Zobacz więcej
the vegetables into very thin strips. So, I decided to prepare the salad in the color purple: purple carrots, red cabbage, red beet and red onion. Everything seasoned with the purple onion jam Zobacz więcej