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Chicken Biryani

Chicken Biryani 445

Biryani is one of our favorite Indian meals (although some sources claim the dish to be Persian in origin) and it took me some time to master it. I think this is a fairly reasonable biryani recipe, at Zobacz więcej
Plants on the Plate | Sweet and Spicy Couscous with Bell Pepper and Cranberries Search About Ask Recipe Index Pantry Pinterest Subscribe breakfast \ soups \ sides \ mains \ desserts \ more gluten-free Zobacz więcej
Marta meets Martha (Stewart!) Posted June 30th, 2011 by Princess Misia & filed under COOKIES. Everyone has a person they look up to. A person they respect. A person they admire. For me, one of Zobacz więcej
Zdrowy,szybki i pyszny pomysł na śniadanie,lunch czy przekąskę!:) Spójrzcie tylko na te kolory,czyż nie zachwycają?;) Składniki: szklanka kaszy jaglanej połowa papaji 1 kiwi garść borówki miód Zobacz więcej
Stuffed Bell Peppers with Beef 6 Flares Facebook 1 Google+ 0 Made with Flare More Info'> 6 Flares Ingredients: 600 g of beef 1 red bell pepper 1 green bell pepper 1 orange or yellow Zobacz więcej
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Anula's Kitchen
Slow roasted lamb...

Slow roasted lamb... 142

I love lamb. Lamb eaten in spring time tastes even better, there's something almost magical about lamb this time of the year. I don't have to convince anyone that Irish lamb is probably one of the Zobacz więcej
This is one of those dishes that's best enjoyed during cold, rainy, windy Autumn or Winter days. It doesn't call for many ingredients - just few simple ones which you actually might have at hand at Zobacz więcej
Kraszanki are a type of Easter eggs that are made by scratching the surface of a dyed egg with something sharp. You scratch the dye and thus make a drawing on the egg. You can scratch anything you Zobacz więcej
„Gok Cooks Chinese” – program tv First fashion and now food. After tackling the nation’s sense of style, Gok Wan will be moving into the kitchen to launch a new cookery show. In this series Zobacz więcej
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Kraków gotuje!
Stand here and look at the sky

Stand here and look at the sky 16

19 wrz Cześć, Dziś perełka prosto spod Hali Targowej – plakat Stay here and look at the sky. Uwielbiam takie proste akcje z przesłaniem pojawiające się w najmniej spodziewanych miejscach. Poniższy Zobacz więcej
Cook and Celebrate: Siostry Cook and Celebrate w Dzień dobry TVN! Strony HOME ULUBIONE MIEJSCA PRZEPISY BIBLIOTEKA KULINARNA ENTERTAINMENT MOMENTS MUSIC KONTAKT piątek, 24 kwietnia 2015 Siostry Cook Zobacz więcej
Well, I love cook for others, even if I cannot eat. Especially when I cannot eat. I really miss normal food, which is still forbidden to me by next two weeks, I can look and smell instead eating. I Zobacz więcej
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Homemade sushi

Homemade sushi 88

Basic sushi set is the easiest thing to cook in home ever. My first sushi looked better than some sushi sets which I ate in my life. Remember this is super easy, super cheap (not like in restaurants) Zobacz więcej
Some say my food pics make them hungry, others say they make them drool… And now you can order prints of them! Or better yet, if you would like to eat as well as the pictures look, you can hire me and Zobacz więcej
Plants on the Plate | a quick lunch of broccoli, greens and quinoa Search About Ask Recipe Index Pantry Pinterest Subscribe breakfast \ soups \ sides \ mains \ desserts \ more gluten-free \ Polish \ Zobacz więcej
Preheat the oven to 200C. Grease shallow ovenproof dish with butter. Wash and peel apples. Then remove the cores and divide each apple into 8 parts. Put them into a pan, add water (and sugar if Zobacz więcej
I don’t always cook and when I don’t, I can’t help to look at food this way. Zobacz więcej
Quick Figs and Goat Cheese HoneyTart March 19, 2013 Recently I saw a lot of blog articles on bakery with figs. Here’s my super-simple idea. All you need to do is take a Puff Pastry dough and cut it Zobacz więcej
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Senses in the kitchen
Season's Greetings

Season's Greetings 26

With very best wishes for festive season and the New Year to my dearest readers. With love, from Karolina I can't promise new posts before January 2013, because I really feel like not doing anything Zobacz więcej
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Gosia daje look a my cook!

Gosia daje look a my cook! 73

Gosia daje look a my cook! Szybka migawka z długiego /od 4 nie mogłam spać/, pełnego wrażeń /kamera, akcja ;P/ dnia. Gwiazda – Gosia! Serce, mózg i dusza Gadające głowy – ja i Zobacz więcej