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Tort arbuzowy- eat clean

Tort arbuzowy- eat clean 181

Witajcie! Dzisiaj przepis na fenomenalny tort na podstawie arbuza. Znalazłam ten pomysł w sieci i od razu postanowiłam go wypróbować na pierwszym spotkaniu z przyjaciółkami. Smakował wszystkim, tym Zobacz więcej
Nie wyobrażam sobie, jak można być na diecie. Choć staram się nie żyć po to żeby jeść, z całą pewnością nie jem po to żeby żyć. Jedzenie i gotowanie to dla mnie jedna z większych życiowych Zobacz więcej
them in nearby store and eat as much as possible. Officially I am Pimientos de Padrón addict ! Ingredients aka your shopping list 2 cups of pimientos de padrón (Capsicum annuum- small green peppers) Zobacz więcej
When I first heard about it I couldn`t stop wondering how it tastes. It`s a great addition to many things, eat it with bread, cheese or use it for your dinner. That`s what I will do today. 3 spoons Zobacz więcej
Me and my I., we have eaten them in a restaurant, we were both smitten with their taste, so I decided to prepare them on my own at home :) That's a very tasty idea, for instance for those of you who Zobacz więcej
Any individual exactly who might very own a family pet, many attended throughout the trouble using family pet stains. Especially when there're young dogs or maybe kittens. This kind of Installation of Zobacz więcej
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Banana muffins

Banana muffins 78

It was Saturday lazy morning and I was dying to eat something sweet, but similar to cake with some fruits that doesn’t need a lot of time to make. Since the only kind of fruit which I had in home was Zobacz więcej
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Anula's Kitchen
Curried lamb samosas...

Curried lamb samosas... 303

the recipe for the pastryonline and the only thing left to 'create' was filling. Finally had an excuse to use that lamb laying in our freezer for some time now. I loved those samosas! You can eat Zobacz więcej
Baked pepper is delicious and making a soup from that taste isn`t a bad idea, right ? Next to emphasizing the fact that peppers are low in calories, I think it is not neccessary to continue on telling Zobacz więcej
wine pepper parsley Preparation Clean the mussels and remove the ‘beards’, you may also need to scrub the muusels if they are really ‘messy’. Chop onions and garlic into very small cubes and fry them Zobacz więcej
price - look for a good looking bird withbig, plumpbreasts (always a good sign ;) ) and whole, unbroken legs are alwaysa good indication of a nice chicken. Once you have your whole bird at home you Zobacz więcej
a fish for some time now - we usually eat it at least once a week, but past 3 weeks somewhat went without seafood... don't know why really... Back to the recipe itself - it's easy, pretty quick, the Zobacz więcej
consistence, the upper one is the cake one. They dance together perfectly. The only thing – don’t be tempted to eat this cake while it is still warm. It is much better after cooling down. This recipe Zobacz więcej
Dzisiaj przepis dość oryginalny, bo na deser z serkiem tofu. U nas to chyba ciągle jeszcze rzadkość. A szkoda - tofu jest zdrowe, ma dużo białka i wcale nie jest takie straszne, jak się wydaje Zobacz więcej
, just enough to stir into my morning bowls of millet, eventually turning two kilograms of apricots into it, because I couldn’t really say no to the seller who has offered them for one euro. I couldn’ Zobacz więcej
I love sourdough bread and that's our everyday bread at home. But even the best bread can be too much if that's all the bread you eat day after day and don't bake any other bread things ;) So in need Zobacz więcej
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Around The Oven
Fruit Jellies

Fruit Jellies 80

g of fruit (either frozen or fresh - preferably: strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, currants, cherries)* * I mixed blueberries with strawberries, which is why they are so dark. Optional Zobacz więcej
enough to stir into my morning bowls of millet, eventually turning two kilograms of apricots into it, because I couldn’t really say no to the seller who has offered them for one euro. I couldn’t eat Zobacz więcej