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I wish you all a very Merry Christmas! Hope you have fabulous time with your families and friends. May the food you eat be delicious and non-fattening :) I'll be posting some of my mums cakes after Zobacz więcej
Classy place in the Clausen area, great for a relaxed Sunday (!) lunch with friends. Large bay windows, great light, nice views, beatiful and tasty food. You can take all your time and enjoy their Zobacz więcej
Aż wstyd się przyznać jak długi był przewód myślowy, który doprowadził do odkrycia, że ta sałatka to przecież hummus bez miksowania:) Te same składniki, a dodatkowo jeszcze cebulka i jogurt. Ciekawa Zobacz więcej
I have so many beautiful thyme flowers in the garden, I am really trying to make the best use of them! I have already stored a few bottles of thyme olive oil for gifts and now I thought of another way Zobacz więcej
Sweet Kwisine A table les garçons Little J Cilia et ses Hobbies Pourquoi je grossis La Chipie en Cuisine La Fabrique à Délices Bowl and Spoon The Happy Cooking Friends i ja :) J’adore rouge, j’adore Zobacz więcej
Przepis na tą sałatkę pochodzi z magazynuFood&Friends, o którym ostatnio pisała sporo Liska. Food and Friends to nowy polski magazyn poświęcony tematyce kulinarnej, najświeższy numer to zaledwie Zobacz więcej
thesaurus autorstwa Niki Segnit. O książce więcej pisała Bea, która też zamieściła przepis na pesto, który oryginalnie pochodzi z książki ‘Food for family and friends’. - szeroki makaron japoński Zobacz więcej
When I don’t have a time to make my own pizza and I fancy some home made stuff I use shop bought naan breads. I have my favourite brand and I often have two breads frozen just in case I need some for Zobacz więcej
GIVEAWAY: DURACELL USB CHARGER FOR A MOBILE FOODIE! Posted January 9th, 2012 by Princess Misia & filed under GIVEAWAY. Meet one of my best friends: Duracell portable USB charger! It is literally a Zobacz więcej
Some say my food pics make them hungry, others say they make them drool… And now you can order prints of them! Or better yet, if you would like to eat as well as the pictures look, you can hire me and Zobacz więcej
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, lubię prażone migdały na słono. Znalazłam dziś chwilę na popołudniowe wino w towarzystwie opiekanych hiszpańskich orzechów i moim ulubionym magazynem kulinarnym Food and Friends. W gazecie wzmianka Zobacz więcej
October 27, 2012 “creating the close kindship between bloggers andreaders” “These people aren’t your friends, they’re paid to kiss your feet.” - Radiohead hm, these lyricsbring sth to my mind… I am Zobacz więcej
Hello everyone! I'm so excited to be co-hosting WTFab's SundayFunday Blog Hop! I always find the best posts/blogs from blog hops. And I don't know about you, but I love going through my GFC and Zobacz więcej
tells her the story of two friends: Idge and Ruth. We go back in time to Alabama of 1930s (with the Great Depression in the background) and the café Whistle Stopwhich offers its clients delicious Zobacz więcej
cup extra-virgin coconut oil, melted 4 tablespoons coconut milk Instructions: Combine all the ingredients for the cocoa layer in a food processor. Shape the mixture into a ball and then roll it out Zobacz więcej
: 3 tablespoons extra virgin coconut oil, melted 3 tablespoons raw cacao powder 3 tablespoons maple syrop 3 tablespoons almond milk Instructions: Combine the pistachio nuts and almond milk in a food Zobacz więcej
sauce: 1/5 cup coconut oil, melted 3 tablespoons raw cacao powder 3 tablespoons maple syrop or agave syrop 2 tablespoons almond milk Instructions: Chop the walnuts in a food processor. Next add the Zobacz więcej
Hey friends, I wanted to introduce you to ‘Yvestown kookt’, a new Dutch book that I had an instant crush on. Not just because it’s pink (but hey, that might be one of the reasons), but also because Zobacz więcej