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przez Most Karola i wróciłyśmy do hotelu. One week ago, during weekend, I went to Prague with my mom. Sightseeing wasn't main purpose of the trip, but I'll tell you more about it other day. Our plans Zobacz więcej
my summertime sadness are here. This time of the year doesn’t mean ‘holiday’ for me … At least, not as it used to be. As a child I used to spend two months out of the city. I lived in the south of Zobacz więcej
remember, a road-trip to Jaipur that took us for the most beautiful and memorable time well spent. It was an experience that brought whole new meaning to the phrase “little things that matter”. A Zobacz więcej
into Interlaken at 11pm to a city that was clearly in holiday mood and wide awake. Quick pizzas later we headed for very quaint Meriengen, our stop for the night. Crawling into bed at well past 2am, Zobacz więcej