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się bardziej nie będę, niech zdjęcia opowiedzą historię. ~MENU~ ...SANDWICHES... (KANAPKI) Potted salmon with Rocket (łosoś w formie pasty i rukola) Egg Mayonnaise & Red Cress (jajka w majonezie Zobacz więcej
went to the right place. It was very tasty afternoon indeed! Here is the menu and I will let the photos speak for themselves. ~MENU~ ...SANDWICHES... Potted salmon with Rocket Egg Mayonnaise & Zobacz więcej
Tonight something quick and easy - dill pickle(gherkins) hearty soup. You can buy abroad sour cucumbers (gherkins) in food stores carrying Polish, Russian or Eastern European Jewish food. More Zobacz więcej
cheese 100 gr mozzarella 2 eggs salt and pepper 150 gr ground almonds vegetable oil Wash broccoli florets share, cook approx. 8-10 minutes. Cooked broccoli dip in a cold water. Then put on a sieve, Zobacz więcej
bataty równomiernie się zrumieniły. Podawać od razu po upieczeniu razem z upieczonymi bakłażanami. Smacznego. ENGLISH VERSION Roasted eggplants, soaked in ginger-garlic marinade with roasted sesame Zobacz więcej
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Tomato jam...

Tomato jam... 18

very cold, frosty nights they didn't have a chance to fully ripen.... Still we had quite a lot on our two tomato plants, and I would hate wasting them. My initial thought was to make some kind of Zobacz więcej
red cabbage lemon juice 1 red onion cut into thin slices, pickled salt and pepper preserved tangerine or lemon green parsley pomegranate seeds 4 tablespoons red onion jam with blackcurrant 4 Zobacz więcej
250 ml water 250 g sugar 2 tblsp lemon juice 1 vanilla pod 8 dry figs 8 fresh figs SYRUP 6 tblsp water 80 g sugar 4 1/2 tblsp Poire William vodka SPONGE CAKE 6 whites 175 g sugar 5 yolks 145 g flour Zobacz więcej
to cook it. Buckwheat and pickle salad (2 medium servings) 150 ml buckwheat (I used the roasted variety) 2-3 pickled cucumbers a handful of pickled carrot a handful ofpomegranateseeds 1 teaspoon of Zobacz więcej
80 dag of beet 1 pear pepper salt 2 bay leaves thyme lemon juice olive oil Acid pickle: 2 glasses of homemade grape tincture salt pepper thyme olive oil Preparation: 1. Wash and cleanse Zobacz więcej
salt 100 g brown sugar 5 bay leaves 3 tablespoons previously prepared mixture of spices Salt and sugar dissolve in water, add bay leaves and spices. Put the meat in, so that it is completely covered Zobacz więcej
lentils du Puy are set off by the bright notes of preserved lemon, pickled red onion and herbs. I combined quite a big array of ingredients in this salad – so it is very substantial and filling, yet Zobacz więcej
. Freshly baked beignets? We begged for one bite. Two minutes later, one single little beignet laced with chocolate arrived with two forks. Perfect. Thursday, November 8 I woke up very early and had Zobacz więcej
Zielone szparagi i makaron. Zapiekane. Gina's Weight Watcher Recipes Grilled Lemon Dijon Chicken Skewers Simply Recipes Quick and Easy Egg Drop Soup Moje Wypieki Kostka truskawkowa 'Black Red White' Zobacz więcej