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Yes, yet another cupcakes:)It just makes my life, and that of those two little people living with me, so much easier. I found that recipe (originally for a cake) in Ballymaloe Cookery Course cookbook. Zobacz więcej
Hello! That weekend was just great! I cooked a lot and I have some recipes to share with you. I will post them one by one to make you curious Today yummie recipe for chicken. Personally I’m not a big Zobacz więcej
It’s been grey outside for a while now and when that happens I somehow always go into extra colorful food mode! This is one of my current morning obsessions: refreshing chilled watermelon, delicate Zobacz więcej
This is one of them and there will be some more coming up some time in the future. I like bacon & avocado sandwich, but Hugh came up with an idea of putting cheddar and mayo into this duo. I Zobacz więcej
"If you in a rush and need to prepare something quickly, putting this plate of pasta together couldn't be simpler. I have taken the concept of a traditional Italian sauce but just by changing the Zobacz więcej
For English scroll down. Przede mną kolejny wyjazd. Już za niecałe 24 godziny będę w drodze do Rumunii. Tym razem tylko na nie całe 2 tygodnie. W szaleństwem przygotowań i niedzielnej deszczowej Zobacz więcej
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Spécialité de la maison
Two cheese casserole

Two cheese casserole 51

A casserole is a perfect dish for the working people - it can be easily reheated, so if you prepare one ahead of time, it will be waiting to comfort you after a busy day at work. I took one of my Zobacz więcej
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Kuchnia DosGatos
Home-made Gravlax

Home-made Gravlax 85

Home-made Gravlax May 18, 2013 Gravlax is a Nordic dish consisting of salmon cured in salt, sugar and dill. This is a very simple variant of curing salmon in salt and sugar, that is being used in our Zobacz więcej
I was baking Mazurek just before Easter and was left with some of the shortcrust. Well, I didn't throw it out obviously. :) For some time now I was looking for an opportunity to make Coraline cookies. Zobacz więcej
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Spécialité de la maison
Banoffee pie

Banoffee pie 39

An English classic, perfect for those not courageous enough to bake, but still willing to show off. This deliciously sweet dessert was apparently Margaret Thatcher's favourite recipe to prepare Zobacz więcej
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Around The Oven
Monte Coffee

Monte Coffee 80

I really enjoy trying new tastes of coffee out! That's why, for example, I never order in a restaurant a coffee that I can prepare on my own at home ;) So, today, here is a cute and very sweet idea Zobacz więcej
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Senses in the kitchen
Best scones ever

Best scones ever 146

I have been baking the scones for few years now, but only recently when visited "The Secret Teacup" I felt like I had a kind of scones revelation. They were lighter than any others I had before, more Zobacz więcej
Remember my two cheese potato casserole? Soon after I made it I became a bit homesick and decided to make another version with Polish ingredients. The results turned out to be very satisfying, so I Zobacz więcej
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guga goodies


I need to admit something. Yesterday, I ate vanilla & chocolate cheesecake. By the way, I prefer vanilla one. I did not feel well after eating it so that was my first and the last time when I ate Zobacz więcej
The lazy food. Comes together really fast and tastes heavenly. It's a great dish for a party. Tastes really good with beer. :) Cheese sticks My rating: 10/10 Prep time: 20 minutes Cook time: max. 8 Zobacz więcej
Składniki: 1 łyżeczka suchych drożdży 1 szklanka mleka 1 łyżka cukru 2 jajka 2 szklanki mąki 2 średnie starte jabłka szczypta cynamonu Przygotowanie: Mieszamy drożdże z ciepłym mlekiem i cukrem. Zobacz więcej
FRESH ZUCCHINI ROLLS WITH VEGETABLES AND SWEETCORN HUMMUS Świeże roladki z cukinii nadziane chrupiącymi warzywami i kremowym hummusem ze świeżej kukurydzy to świetna opcja na smaczną i efektowną Zobacz więcej
"Warm and windy, it was a hazy afternoon the road is dusty but the rain will fall soon we are tryin'[?] the valley from the sun till a moon what will we be if we just latop in a room so many Zobacz więcej
Preheat the oven to 200C. Grease shallow ovenproof dish with butter. Wash and peel apples. Then remove the cores and divide each apple into 8 parts. Put them into a pan, add water (and sugar if Zobacz więcej
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czwartek 317

it looks delicious! Can I ask how you make this? Porridge/oatmeal is not exactly a common American breakfast. It is thought of as a disgusting bowl of stuff you eat as a last resort and pour a ton of Zobacz więcej