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it looks delicious! Can I ask how you make this? Porridge/oatmeal is not exactly a common American breakfast. It is thought of as a disgusting bowl of stuff you eat as a last resort and pour a ton of Zobacz więcej
cheese or 5-6 slices of cheese (cut into stripes) Cooking instructions Cut puff pastry into 1-2cm wide stripes. I cut my pastry in half and then cut it into thin stripes. The thing is, we will be Zobacz więcej
) 2kg watermelon, chilled in the fridge 200ml hot water 2 teaspoons white tea (or 2 bags) 2 teaspoons açaí powder Method Make tea extract by putting white tea in hot water. Sieve if you’re using Zobacz więcej
Preheat the oven to 200C. Grease shallow ovenproof dish with butter. Wash and peel apples. Then remove the cores and divide each apple into 8 parts. Put them into a pan, add water (and sugar if Zobacz więcej
This is one of them and there will be some more coming up some time in the future. I like bacon & avocado sandwich, but Hugh came up with an idea of putting cheddar and mayo into this duo. I Zobacz więcej
"If you in a rush and need to prepare something quickly, putting this plate of pasta together couldn't be simpler. I have taken the concept of a traditional Italian sauce but just by changing the Zobacz więcej
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guga goodies


I am putting into my body. I made something I am flabbergasted about! I think you should be too! COFFEE NUT BROWNIES / Recipe adapted from here / INGREDIENTS: 1 egg 1/2 cup almond butter 1/2 cup Zobacz więcej
(fresh or dried) Mix lime juice, with pilled lime skin, honey, olive oil, smashed garlic clove and thyme (do not put all of the thyme, some of it we will use in the end). Put chicken fillet into a Zobacz więcej
recipe for basic shortcrust. Omit the part about putting the dough into a baking tin. Instead cut out circles with a small glass. Then make an imprint on the circle with a slightly smaller glass. Zobacz więcej
flour, eggs, stir and leave in a warm place for 1 hour Grate apples, sprinkle with cinnamon and add sugar if they are sour. When the dough has risen add the grated apples and mix. Fry in a pan on a Zobacz więcej
"Warm and windy, it was a hazy afternoon the road is dusty but the rain will fall soon we are tryin'[?] the valley from the sun till a moon what will we be if we just latop in a room so many Zobacz więcej
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Around The Oven
Monte Coffee

Monte Coffee 70

, chocolate (chips), cinnamon, cocoa, caramel, nuts... :) Preparation: Take a latte spoon. Using it, take the first, white layer of monte, put it on the left or right bottom side of a latte glass. Do Zobacz więcej
Yes, yet another cupcakes:)It just makes my life, and that of those two little people living with me, so much easier. I found that recipe (originally for a cake) in Ballymaloe Cookery Course cookbook. Zobacz więcej
layer of potatoes with cheddar cheese. 5. Put the casserole in the oven pre-heated to 200 degrees for around 15 minutes. The oil from sausage/onion frying should suffice to make sure the dish does Zobacz więcej
half of the sausage/onion mix and a few slices of smoked cheese. Repeat the process again. Leave some potatoes for the final layer. Cover the top layer of potatoes with smoked cheese, it will Zobacz więcej
hummus made with fresh corn. They are a great option for a tasty and impressive appetizer or a light dinner. Charged with vitamins and colors, they aredisappearingquickly. And if for eg. you will Zobacz więcej
and return them to the oven on the same baking tray (no oiling required). Bake until crispy. This, depending on the size and thickness of the slices, should take about 20 minutes. Remove from the Zobacz więcej