short bread

tomatoes it absolutely the best and it is well worth making an effort of preparing it. I made mine night before as well as the stock, so next day preparing this soup took me about 30 minutes. Swaps? Zobacz więcej
about two inches clear at the top. Sprinkle generously with cinnamon and sugar and save little bit for later. Starting at the end closest to you, roll up the dough. When you get to the top, pinch the Zobacz więcej
of turkish food and it was the meaning actually. Eight different types of Meze, toast bread and beer - Efes of course. After meze we thought that we are close to finish of the dinner, but it wasthe Zobacz więcej
lub papier. Najlepsze następnego dnia. [źródło: Dan Leparda "Short & Sweet" odkryte u White Plate] English Lunatic baking and early bird's shooting ;) Oh well, these two gyus were just handy at Zobacz więcej
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Apple cupcakes...

Apple cupcakes... 20

cupcake instead of 1 big slice of cake? Cupcakes are very handy - you have your "cake" divided into small "portions"... but then again - I can barely end on one... Oh well, life is too short to deny Zobacz więcej
This is my last post before Easter and my trip to Poland. I have some time off, so there will be a short break on my blog. Please do not forget about me, because like Terminator "I'll be back" and it Zobacz więcej
sauce, crusty bread with melted cheese and salty ham or chocolate cake with salted caramel. Sweet, salty, crunchy. Sharp, rich, crumbly. Number three seems to be mystical also in cooking. Book is Zobacz więcej
understanding. :) I wanted to bake a banana bread for a long time. God only knows how many times I promised to myself that I'll finally do it. Yesterday I made my decision. 'Let's do it!' - I Zobacz więcej
Wood snacks on Korean short rib tacos from the Kogi BBQ truck. (Photograph by Dan Monick) źródło Actor Elijah Wood On the Taste of Summer (Barbecue) and Hobbit Bread („Not Horrible”) While the rest of Zobacz więcej
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[34.] Wake me up in July!

[34.] Wake me up in July! 101

, the Moomins and oatmeal. 3. A short weekend at home. Here with my Brother and Cherry - driving a car. 4. First strawberries this year <3 1. Najlepszy napój na upały - woda, świeża mięta i cytryna Zobacz więcej
more - I think I might even like it more the second day, sliced, just on its own... Do give it a go! You won't regret it! "We used to eat this in our house when money was short but we still wanted Zobacz więcej
Plants on the Plate | cauliflower, cucumber and herbs 'couscous' Search About Ask Recipe Index Pantry Pinterest Subscribe breakfast \ soups \ sides \ mains \ desserts \ more gluten-free \ Polish \ Zobacz więcej
Plants on the Plate | cauliflower, cucumber and herbs 'couscous' Search About Ask Recipe Index Pantry Pinterest Subscribe breakfast \ soups \ sides \ mains \ desserts \ more gluten-free \ Polish \ Zobacz więcej
1 tbsp of white wine vinegar vegetableoil 2 slices crusty bread ground black pepper grape tomatoes (optional) balsamic vinegar (optional) Preparation: Using a fork, smash the avocado in a medium bowl Zobacz więcej
wypróbowuję nowy układ. Bardzo mi się podoba, uważam, że jest trochę bardziej czytelny niż poprzedni. Click read more for the English version In view of the fact that today is The World Bread Day, I Zobacz więcej
the way - the glasses are mismatched. So are the plates. Love it. My kind of place. For a lunch we had squash, sweet potato, pea and coconut soup served with homemade bread, followed by summer Zobacz więcej
"The Nation's Favourite Food" by Neven Maguire Hardback (256 pages) Chapters:Introduction, Soups, Starters, Salads, Beef, Chicken, Lamb, Pork, Fish, Eggs, Vegetarian, Takeaway my way, Pasta, Dinner Zobacz więcej
wdzięczna. Finally at home! After more than half year in Asia I landed in Europe. 3 first months of 2014 begun in a very exciting way. In this short time I visited 4 amazing countries - India, Zobacz więcej
onion, peeled and finely chopped 1/2 hard-boiled egg, peeled and finely chopped handful of finely chopped fresh parsley 1 tbsp dry bread crumbs 4 large skinless boneless chicken breasts halves 1 tbsp Zobacz więcej