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A very nice, modern Icelandic-style café, with good coffee from a huge thermos flask, cakes, sandwiches and even fish dishes (I had one, but was to hungry to take a photo, and then it did not look Zobacz więcej
during your day:). Ingredients: 1 banan,peeled and sliced 1 apple,peeled and diced 2 figs,peeled and quartered handful of American berries Transfer ingredients into small food container and take it Zobacz więcej
A reinvented vegetable! Zucchini, eggplant and tomato with cheese. Simple but impressive and of course light and tasty! Pair it with mushroom-Gorgonzola sauce to add some kick! Ingredients: 1 zucchini Zobacz więcej
ok. 10 minut w piekarniku o temperaturze 180 stopni. Konsystencja powinna być nadal płynna. Podajemy ze świeżymi owocami lub gałką lodów. Zdjęcia pochodzą z nadmorskiej restauracji. Ja podaję ten Zobacz więcej
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Pistachio Frappe

Pistachio Frappe 27

pistachios, grounded, to sprinkle the top another ice cream scoop of pistachio ice cream chocolate, vanilla or pistachio syrup/mousse *This frappe can be prepared with ground coffee in a coffee Zobacz więcej
W związku ze zbliżającymi się Świętami i Nowym Rokiem stwierdziłyśmy, że należy zwiększyć częstotliwość dodawania postów na bloga. Okres poszukiwania świątecznych i sylwestrowych inspiracji osiąga Zobacz więcej
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Biało-Czerwoni 28

the rest. Till the rice will be ready you can also whip the cream and mix it with yogurt. In case you’re on diet, you can use only yogurt, but it won’t be that tasty When the rice will be ready, Zobacz więcej
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Broccoli Cream Soup

Broccoli Cream Soup 31

Broccoli is my favorite veggie and I could use it in every dish, doesn’t matter if its boiled, fried or baked I still love it! Today I bought few of them and that is why today dinner is broccoli cream Zobacz więcej
Green Peas and SausagesCake May 25, 2013 This is a very quick and tasty salty cake. I’ve had the recipe for a long time in my favorites folder, and recently, I picked it up. The result was so great Zobacz więcej
Cheese, Rosemary and Garlic PuffPastry June 8, 2013 ‘T was the day after XMAS and all through the house not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse… Seriously, it was a morning after some holidays Zobacz więcej
Do you wish to eat something healthy and light for breakfast? I have a perfect recipe for you. It’s very tasty and easy to make. You justneed a few ingredients and a couple of minutes to prepare it. I Zobacz więcej
Simple, tasty and easy to make! Rice with champignons is a perfect option for a light dinner. You don’t need much to prepare it. Take a look and cook:) It will take just a couple of minutes. Zobacz więcej
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Anula's Kitchen
Spiced potato soup...

Spiced potato soup... 53

Light and tasty, this creamy and mild vegetable soup is perfect for lunch or as a starter. It's good warm or cold. It's very cheap to make and also quick and easy - something great to fit into a busy Zobacz więcej
fish with harissa and fry. If you like spicy food you will definitely love it. Preparation will take only few minutes - quick and tasty dinner :) Składniki: ( 2 porcje ) * 2 Zobacz więcej
Me and my I., we have eaten them in a restaurant, we were both smitten with their taste, so I decided to prepare them on my own at home :) That's a very tasty idea, for instance for those of you who Zobacz więcej
Kolejna propozycja na danie z rybą i kolejny raz pstrąg. Przepis pochodzi z książki Jamie'go Olivera " Każdy może gotować ". Rybę przygotujesz w max 10 minut :) jest smaczna a szpinak idealnie do niej Zobacz więcej
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Basil paste

Basil paste 24

I came across this recipe while looking for an alternative breakfast recipes. This paste sounded really perfect to me - something new, quick and easy to make. And - believe me, it tastes really, Zobacz więcej
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Bubsien gotuje
Na powitanie...

Na powitanie... 34

some time until this blog has been opened, but yeah... Beginner, amateur, but about kitchen and cooking - everything what gives me a lot of tasty and colorful pleasure (probably you have the same, Zobacz więcej
‘w gości’. _________________________________________________________________________________________________ Searching for mini-ideas for Holiday Gifts? Home-made vanilla or cinnamon extracts are Zobacz więcej
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Around The Oven
Winter Snowballs

Winter Snowballs 76

of powdered sugar (+ more to sprinkle the cookies) 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract 1 teaspoon of cinnamon 100g of chopped walnuts 100g of candied orange skin 375g of flour Preparation: Prepare a baking Zobacz więcej