Przepis na the cake actually

Bilberry Cake (inspired by BlueberryMuffins) March 28, 2013 Not being modest here (actually, not all the credit is mine), this is a simply wonderful cake. It has it all: fun crisp, airy crumb, juicy Zobacz więcej
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I love everything about coffee. Tiramisu is one of mich favorite cakes, Whether in the form of cake or dessert. Perfect for parties or birthdays. It's delicious! :) :) The dough for sponge cake (cake Zobacz więcej
I saw the pineapple upside down cake sooooo many times, what's more - I already tried to make it once, but I failed. Some time has passed since my last attempt (I think something like 2 years...) and Zobacz więcej
I know it says loaf in the title and that's exactly what you'll find in The Hummingbird Bakery cook book, but I found some time ago, that cupcakes have a better chance of being successful (meaning Zobacz więcej
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Gooseberry crumble cake...

Gooseberry crumble cake... 43

It's summer. And what comes with it is an abundance of fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables. No, I'm NOT complaining! What's more - I'm always waiting for this season with anticipation. I like trying Zobacz więcej
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Gooseberry coconut cake....

Gooseberry coconut cake.... 60

I love gooseberries, their sharp taste. They always remind me of my childhood too :) Of hot summers spent at my Nan's. Surprisingly, even tho gooseberries are in season now, it's quite difficult to Zobacz więcej
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W Krainie Smaku
Persian love cake

Persian love cake 303

Przepis na ciasto z kardamonem, pistacjami i wodą różaną w kształcie serca znalazłam gdzieś kiedyś w internecie. Pamiętam, że nazywało się „Persian love cake”, ze względu na typowe dla kuchni perskiej Zobacz więcej
Czy przyjemności w o l n o planować? Minęły czasy kiedy słowo 'nuda' brzmiało swojsko i wzgardliwie - teraz kojarzy mi się ono z czymś ekskluzywnym ;) Nie robić nic to niedościgniona umiejętność, choć Zobacz więcej
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Teavivre - Chinese tea for life...

Teavivre - Chinese tea for life... 34

If you've been reading my blog for some time now you'll probably know that I'm a "coffee person" rather than a "tea person" but.... said all that I'm actually changing towards tea as my first choice, Zobacz więcej
I'm adding this shortcrust as a separate post for easier reference. It's the basic shortcrust I use when in need of a crumbly bottom for any cake. I'll be using it for my next cake, Mazurek and for Zobacz więcej
VEGAN POPPY SEED CAKE WITH CHOCOLATE, NUTS AND DRIED FRUITS (NO BAKE, GLUTEN-FREE) Właściwie nie planowałam przygotowywać w tym roku makowca, nigdy nie było to moje ulubione ciasto. Tradycyjna Zobacz więcej
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Senses in the kitchen
A massive thanks!

A massive thanks! 44

I participated in Aysgarth Fete yesterday and for the first time in my life I had a chance to sell my cakes, focaccias and preserves to the public. Funds collected during the fete are going towards Zobacz więcej
Few days ago there was a big celebration at my house. My older Baby Girl's birthday. She's 5 years old now "Mummy, I'm a big girl now!". Yes, she is ;) As she was becoming a big girl, I decided to ask Zobacz więcej
Coffee, carrot cake, hipsters. Possible to have burgers and other more substantial food choices. The name is not a joke – there is actually a laundry room downstairs :) Zobacz więcej
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The Best Chocolate Cake

The Best Chocolate Cake 228

Tort dla stolarza, który jest wielkim wielbicielem czekolady.Wszystkie przedmioty zrobione są z masy cukrowej, a ciasto to znalezione na blogu I am Baker ''The Best Chocolate Cake Tort przełożyłam Zobacz więcej
I'm pretty sure that everyone, but everyone living in Poland came across that cake at least once in their life time. Well, if you actually came across that cake you'll then make it your business to Zobacz więcej
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Chunky apple and marmalade cake...

Chunky apple and marmalade cake... 38

Apple cake, actually any form of apple cake is one of my favorite types of all cakes. You'll find lots of recipes, variations of the same here on Anula's: Apple pie biscuits, Traditional Polish Zobacz więcej
Cakes and the City
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Cakes and the City

12 236

Kiedy Ryan Gosling w filmie 'Drive' stawia warunek: 'I give you five minutes...', ja mówię: 'daję sobie 1 dzień na upieczenie 12 ciast...'. Udało się! Co prawda, w filmie pięć minut wystarczy by Zobacz więcej
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Around The Oven
 Piña Colada Cake

Piña Colada Cake 45

Well I decided to make a birthday gift for myself. What could it be? Self-made cake seemed to be a perfect idea :) And so it was :) Soft sponge cake, refreshing pineapple, mouth-watering, sweet cream Zobacz więcej
Recently I bough a new cookbook (yes, another one...) it'sThe Hummingbird Bakery"Cake Days: Recipes to Make Every Day Special" cook book. So many mouth watering photos and when you read through the Zobacz więcej