the cake actually

Coffee, carrot cake, hipsters. Possible to have burgers and other more substantial food choices. The name is not a joke – there is actually a laundry room downstairs :) Zobacz więcej
I participated in Aysgarth Fete yesterday and for the first time in my life I had a chance to sell my cakes, focaccias and preserves to the public. Funds collected during the fete are going towards Zobacz więcej
a regular thing! |Buffalo chicken | Daisy’s Delights | Little muffins | Caviar Dreams | Love Sweets | Milk & Cereal | Cinnamon cake | Orange juice | Cookie monster | Toast eggs | | Sugar pie | Zobacz więcej
a regular thing! |Buffalo chicken | Daisy’s Delights | Little muffins | Caviar Dreams | Love Sweets | Milk & Cereal | Cinnamon cake | Orange juice | Cookie monster | Toast eggs | | Sugar pie | Zobacz więcej
(tym razem z jeżynami i porzeczką) :) P.S. Marzę o italiańskich wakacjach (znowu!) ;) i o prawdziwym dolce far niente ;) English Dolce far niente is nothing but sweet irony as I do actually have lots Zobacz więcej
I'm adding this shortcrust as a separate post for easier reference. It's the basic shortcrust I use when in need of a crumbly bottom for any cake. I'll be using it for my next cake, Mazurek and for Zobacz więcej
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Modern Taste

Semlor 102

almond filling and topped with whipped cream. In Sweden these are often served with some warm milk. It is even more delicious that way. It's a first time when I do a post about something that Zobacz więcej
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W Krainie Smaku
Persian love cake

Persian love cake 296

Przepis na ciasto z kardamonem, pistacjami i wodą różaną w kształcie serca znalazłam gdzieś kiedyś w internecie. Pamiętam, że nazywało się „Persian love cake”, ze względu na typowe dla kuchni perskiej Zobacz więcej
Crumble IS the favourite sweet treat at my house. Doesn't matter if there's a chocolate cake, tort, cupcakes next to a crumble... Crumble is and will be the first choice for my 2 lil girls. It's Zobacz więcej
I love the versatility of muffins and the fact that they're so easy and quick to make! I always, but always, have my little sous chef with me in The Kitchen - a 3 years old (yes, already a 3 years Zobacz więcej
recommend this cake, it's divine! While baking, I put one cut in two banana in the oven and then I was wondering why I actually did this and what to do with it with hindsight. And that's how my Zobacz więcej
' Carla Bardi, Claire Pietersen] Actually I had brownies on my mind whereas what I got was a cocoa-coconut bars ;) Oh well ;) Guess these little squares would taste best on the nostalgic Morava biking Zobacz więcej
Again somethingabout Istanbul. :) Should I change the name of this blog to "Istanbul and food"? :) I have decided to write this post in english. The main reason is that two persons who told us about Zobacz więcej
really pretty and would go down a treat, as a "finale" to some special meal :) How to make it... Ingredients: Base: - 75 g unsalted butter - 45 g soft brown sugar - 45 g caster sugar - 3-4 bananas, Zobacz więcej
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I love everything about coffee. Tiramisu is one of mich favorite cakes, Whether in the form of cake or dessert. Perfect for parties or birthdays. It's delicious! :) :) The dough for sponge cake (cake Zobacz więcej
Recently I bough a new cookbook (yes, another one...) it'sThe Hummingbird Bakery"Cake Days: Recipes to Make Every Day Special" cook book. So many mouth watering photos and when you read through the Zobacz więcej
I know it says loaf in the title and that's exactly what you'll find in The Hummingbird Bakery cook book, but I found some time ago, that cupcakes have a better chance of being successful (meaning Zobacz więcej
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Mleko krówkowe

Mleko krówkowe 65

wsunąłem później jeszcze jakieś kanapki, ale opłacało się. Mleko okazało się BOSKIE! Przynajmniej dla mnie, jako że uwielbiam wszystko co słodkie I was thinking about new recipe for breakfast and Zobacz więcej
ją masą serową i zakończyć malinami. Piec 45 minut, po czym pozwolić sernikowi ostudzić się w piekarniku, przy uchylonych drzwiczkach. Ostudzony, schłodzić w lodówce. Rozkoszować się :) [źródło: Zobacz więcej