Finally I got round to cooking a tripe. Not that I have a childhood trauma or something, because in my closest family nobody ate tripe as far as I remember, however this is not very popular ingredient Zobacz więcej
sprytnie je udają i jednocześnie smakują równie dobrze, jeśli nie lepiej! :) _________________________________________________ Both for tripe lovers and those who think that tripe is 'yuk', or simply Zobacz więcej
chocolate, warm blanket and pictures from holidays. Well, maybe not only with that, I can always cook something that I tried while travelling. Some time ago, I promised certain gourmands, that I Zobacz więcej
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Ale Meksyk! - Przepisy
Shot B-52

Shot B-52 210

Shot B-52, przez niektórych nazywany koktajlem, a przez innych nawet drinkiem. Główne składniki to likier kawowy (Kahlua), Irish cream (Baileys) oraz trzeci alkohol likier pomarańczowy Tripe sec Zobacz więcej
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Around The Oven
Chicken Soup

Chicken Soup 38

leaves Optionally: Chicken soup cube (like Knorr's) Maggi Preparation: Wash the chicken, cut out all the fat, tripe, etc. and throw it away. Using a big knife, cut the chicken into 2 pieces (or Zobacz więcej
I'm a creature of cravings, everyone who knows me will confirm. As a result, my eating habits are incomprehensible to normal human beings. For example, I have recently eaten chocolate, brie and tripe Zobacz więcej
, but there is one form of sugar I can never resist - MERINGUES!!! You just cannot live without them - they're the best remedy for sadness (apart from chocolate, of course), and really easy to Zobacz więcej
and I hate wasting food, which can happened when you follow recipe with mistakes. First recipe is for a variation of quite popular in Poland, not only among vegetarians and vegan, mock tripe Zobacz więcej
dislike eating, and that is the digestive apparatus of the pig and other large animals. I've eaten tripe and chitterlings enough times to feel that I am not prejudiced against them - I eat them with Zobacz więcej