vegan and vain

E N G L I S H B E L L O W , S C R O L L D O W N Witajcie! Ostatnimi czasy nie mogę nazwać sie dobrą bloggerką, bo niestety, powiedzmy sobie szczerze, zaniedbuje bloga...Jednak tak jak wiecie Zobacz więcej
3 frozen bananas• 2 handfuls blackberries• 2 tablespoons coconut cream toppings: 2 tablespoons peanut butter, puffed millet ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Zobacz więcej
E N G L I S H B E L L O W , S C R O L L D O W N Wiem, że sezon truskawkowy już dawno za nami, ale tak jak pisałam Wam ostatnio musiałam zrobić jakiś czas temu przerwę w blogowaniu i przez ten czas nie Zobacz więcej
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Bites of nature


I LOVE HUMMUS. It was love at first try for me. I always make it at home because it’s much more delicious homemade plus I’d spend a fortune on those little jars (yes, according to serving sizes, I’m a Zobacz więcej
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Bites of nature


Raise your hand if you are a peanut butter lover! Or actually, don’t, just head straight to the kitchen Ingredients: 1 cup roasted peanuts (unsalted) 4 big tablespoons peanut butter (mine was made Zobacz więcej
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Bites of nature


Ingredients: 1.5 cups dates (if dry, then soak them for at least 15 minutes and drain excess water) 0.5 cup almond flour 4 flat teaspoons coffee Blend dates until smooth. Knead together with flour and Zobacz więcej
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Jedz Rośliny
vegan tuck box review

vegan tuck box review 16

Hello everyone! Today I have something special for you and it is a Vegan Tuck Box review! Have you heard about it before? Let me tell you a few words about it. Vegan Tuck Box is a UK's first 100% Zobacz więcej
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Bites of nature


Let’s use plums in everything we possibly can until the plum season is over! Plums have been on the top of my fruit list forever, however not this year. The weather wasn’t quite plum friendly and it Zobacz więcej
Next few weeks I’ll be spending in a place where there’s no oven. Yet that doesn’t mean I will stop coming up with new recipes! There’s plenty of raw or no-bake treats ideas in my mind, and it’s time Zobacz więcej
I haven’t baked regular cupcakes for ages. Why? I have no idea. I guess I just forgot about their existence for a longer while. Well sometimes you just need a break from something, because only when Zobacz więcej
Lately I read a lot of good comments on aquafaba. Aqua.. what? It’s simply the water from within the chickpea jar/can. I’m begging you, don’t let is disappear in the sink! It’s said to be a great Zobacz więcej
Sometimes the only time I get to spend in the kitchen is at 5 am.. I’m an early bird either way so it’s not a problem for me to get up earlier and prepare fuel for the whole day or bake something Zobacz więcej
Ladies and gentlemen! One of the things that tastes wayyyy better than it looks (although I still think these cupcakes look pretty moutwatering). Seriously. Banana + plant butter + chocolate = Zobacz więcej
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Kuchnia Ellie


Przepyszny makaron w sosie serowym... bez sera! Za to z kalafiorem i pastą hummus Poniższa receptura to jedno z moich ostatnich odkryć. Razowy makaron penne zanurzony w kremowym sosie o konsystencji Zobacz więcej
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|| breakfast!
31. raw and vegan

31. raw and vegan 56

raw vegan budyń kakaowy z ubitą śmietanką kokosową i surowym kakao to było bardzo pysznie kakaowe śniadanie. i nie zawaham się go powtórzyć! Zobacz więcej
Ingredients (6-8 cupcakes, depending on thickness and height): 2 cups dates (if very dry, soak them 15 minutes and drain excess water afterwards) 1 cup almond flour 3/4 cup pumpkin puree (roasted Zobacz więcej
Fall & winter are coming but I don’t plan on giving up ice cream because of that! I’m that kind of person who puts on another sweater when they get cold eating ice cream instead of choosing Zobacz więcej
I adore quinoa. It is a perfect source of wholesome protein in a grain-like form. I’ll certainly write a post with interesting facts about it soon, because it’s a plant, which, in my opinion, should Zobacz więcej
Why would anyone call something a cheesecake if it has no diary products inside? Because if you didn’t know its ingredients, I bet you’d never guess it wasn’t made of cheese This cake is soft, sweet, Zobacz więcej
No oven? No problem! I bought puffed millet ages ago and I have been using it only to sprinkle smoothies and ice cream every once in a while. This mornig I decided it was high time to make use of its Zobacz więcej