vegan quinoa

I adore quinoa. It is a perfect source of wholesome protein in a grain-like form. I’ll certainly write a post with interesting facts about it soon, because it’s a plant, which, in my opinion, should Zobacz więcej
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Bites of nature


I LOVE HUMMUS. It was love at first try for me. I always make it at home because it’s much more delicious homemade plus I’d spend a fortune on those little jars (yes, according to serving sizes, I’m a Zobacz więcej
I am aware that I am mainly associated with sweets rather than with savory foods. Well, this association is no doubt correct. I am a woman, who claims chocolate is her favorite salad (because, after Zobacz więcej
A semi-sweet chocolate cake that is way more delicate, soft and moist than a brownie.It’s a fun, sweeter, alternative to bread when you top it with almond butter, plum jam or other spread. It also Zobacz więcej
I hate showing up empty-handed. That’s why I like baking early in a day, to have something to take with me when I visit a friend later or have another appointment that could be sweetened with homemade Zobacz więcej
The sweetest pumpkin sweets I have eaten so far, and no grain of sugar was added to them!!! Ingredients: 2 cups soaked dates 1 1/2 cup walnuts 1 cup almond petals 2 tablespoons pumpkin puree 3/4 Zobacz więcej
The most common question I hear when I admit I don’t eat meat is: ‘Where do you take your protein from?’ FROM PLANTS. Wake up people, plant protein is just as (or sometimes even more) valuable as Zobacz więcej
I’ve been testing a refined sugar alternative I had never tried before – coconut sugar. It is produced fromthe sap of cut flower buds of the coconut palm. It has more nutrients than white processed Zobacz więcej
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Bites of nature


Raise your hand if you are a peanut butter lover! Or actually, don’t, just head straight to the kitchen Ingredients: 1 cup roasted peanuts (unsalted) 4 big tablespoons peanut butter (mine was made Zobacz więcej
Some people say that ‘everything-free’ (sugar-free, gluten-free, lactose-free and egg-free) food cannot be tasty. I totally fell for sweets of this kind. Not using ‘everything’, you can create Zobacz więcej
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Jedz Rośliny
vegan tuck box review

vegan tuck box review 18

Hello everyone! Today I have something special for you and it is a Vegan Tuck Box review! Have you heard about it before? Let me tell you a few words about it. Vegan Tuck Box is a UK's first 100% Zobacz więcej
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Bites of nature


Let’s use plums in everything we possibly can until the plum season is over! Plums have been on the top of my fruit list forever, however not this year. The weather wasn’t quite plum friendly and it Zobacz więcej
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Quinoa Burger

Quinoa Burger 22

I have recently discovered an online grocery store called Place of Origin. It is a big regional food marketplace which hosts a few hundreds of unique local food brands. On, you can Zobacz więcej
Lately I read a lot of good comments on aquafaba. Aqua.. what? It’s simply the water from within the chickpea jar/can. I’m begging you, don’t let is disappear in the sink! It’s said to be a great Zobacz więcej
I haven’t baked regular cupcakes for ages. Why? I have no idea. I guess I just forgot about their existence for a longer while. Well sometimes you just need a break from something, because only when Zobacz więcej
Oh, I have been reflecting on making honey-less sesame bars for a long time… I was no doubt born a honeyeater, but I don’t like heating up honey because I care a lot about its precious nutritious Zobacz więcej
Jesienna nowość w Vegan Ramen Shop to wegańska interpretacja dania, będącego kompilacją dwóch comfort foodowych klasyków: sosu kare i ramenu. Czy może być bowiem coś bardziej otulającego ciepłem i Zobacz więcej
Wielką królową tej Granoli jest quinoa, czyli komosa ryżowa. Pełna wartości odżywczych i smaku**. Idealna z mlekiem lub jogurtem roślinnym i świeżymi owocami. Moja dzisiejsza wersja to brzoskwinia i Zobacz więcej
Rozpocznij dzień z komosą ryżową. Zdrowo, fit i ze smakiem :). Pyszność !!! Składniki (2 porcje): - 3/4 szkl. quinoa (komosa ryżowa) - 1/4 szkl. płatków kokosowych (świeże lub suszone) - 1 duży, Zobacz więcej
Sometimes the only time I get to spend in the kitchen is at 5 am.. I’m an early bird either way so it’s not a problem for me to get up earlier and prepare fuel for the whole day or bake something Zobacz więcej