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Sweet potato in curry sauce Zawsze chciałam spróbować batata. Ale żeby od razu eksperymentować? Stwierdziłam jednak, że sos do ryżu z odrobiną śmietanki zniesie każdy smak i aromat. No i co tu dużo Zobacz więcej
Slow cooker, what a brilliant kitchen gadget! If you don’t own one yet, you should. Would you believe me if I say this chicken was made in a slow cooker and not in a local Chinese takeaway? That’s Zobacz więcej
Stuffed tomatoes with garlic, spinach and salty cheese great side dishAddictive Recipes Stuffed tomatoes with garlic, spinach and salty cheese great side dish Home About Recipes Appetizer Barbecue Zobacz więcej
Not your usual Sunday roast chicken, but if you like spices (and I don't mean spicy food but flavoursome!) and if you like to try something different this dish is definitely for you! You really don't Zobacz więcej
‘Rivaayat – The Indian Culinary Conclave’ an initiative by The Oberoi Group with Izzat Hussain @ Saffron, Trident, Gurgaon. Murgh Hara Pyaz {Chicken with Spring Onions}, as the tagline goes, Zobacz więcej
Aromatyczny tajski kurczak z trawa cytrynowa i imbirem? Zawsze. Tylko z czym go podac, by nie bylo nudno? Dzis zapraszam na wersje fusion tajskiego przysmaku, gdzie taki wlasnie kurczak bdzie Zobacz więcej
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Chicken Biryani

Chicken Biryani 425

Biryani is one of our favorite Indian meals (although some sources claim the dish to be Persian in origin) and it took me some time to master it. I think this is a fairly reasonable biryani recipe, at Zobacz więcej
October 2, 2012 in the feasts and weekdays – roastedchicken I love out-of-the-way, rugged places. For me, holidays are aboutthe experiences, and the people, and the memories, rather than sitting on a Zobacz więcej
"Saag (Hindi: साग; Punjabi: ਸਾਗ ; Oriya: ଶାଗ) or sag is a spinach and/or mustard leaf-based dish eaten in South Asia with bread such as roti or naan, or rice (in Orissa and West Bengal). Saag can be Zobacz więcej
Dziś odchodzimy od słodkich pomysłów na święta. Przecież święta to nie tylko babki, serniki i mazurki, ale również pyszne mięsa, pasztety i pieczenie. Niestety ja jestem wyjątkowym niejadkiem, co Zobacz więcej
I came up with this new idea for chicken because I had some limes lying around in my kitchen (left over from Mohito making ;)). The outcome surpassed my expectations. You'll need: 1 chicken breast 3 Zobacz więcej
Long time no see. I just realised that the posts that I queued didn't appear on the blog as I planned, so I'm saving them and will be posting from now on. I didn't have much time to write posts and Zobacz więcej
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Spécialité de la maison
Chicken tikka masala

Chicken tikka masala 226

I mildly spicy curry for those who do not like too much hotness. Not to be confused with chicken tikka, which is simply spiced chicken grilled on skewers. Extremely popular in the UK, where it can be Zobacz więcej
Inter II to nowy akademik, do którego wprowadziłam się z moim lubym na początku kwietnia. Sypialnia, pokój dzienny, spora łazienka i ciut większa kuchnia, jednak wciąż niezmienne: 2 płyty. Kuchnię Zobacz więcej
I can't believe it's been so long since I wrote anything here.... And it's not like I'm not cooking, as that's what I mainly do at the moment, being a chef an all! ;) Working in the kitchen has Zobacz więcej
So we're back to business with one of our family's favourites: I'll be boring here - it's another(!) John Torode's recipe (I just love what he does with a humble chicken, if you don't have his book Zobacz więcej
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Paprikás csirke nokedlivel

Paprikás csirke nokedlivel 217

In other words today we have chicken paprikash with noodles, but you can well serve it with bread or potatoes. It’s always a dilemma when preparing dishes you are not very familiar with, i.e. you don’ Zobacz więcej
roast chicken recipe for a crispy and delicious chicken.Addictive Recipes roast chicken recipe for a crispy and delicious chicken. Home About Recipes Appetizer Barbecue Dessert Drink Main Course Meat Zobacz więcej
There is something about grilled chicken marinated in freshly squeezed lemon, crushed garlic, and parsley that makes me think of my trip to Greece last year. Although it was only for a weekend it was Zobacz więcej
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Anula's Kitchen
Roast spicy chicken...

Roast spicy chicken... 36

You can only do so many things with chicken, right? WRONG! There ARE so many different things you can do with a humble chicken, but in my personal opinion nothing gives more comfort than a roast Zobacz więcej