adwords ,remained thumbs down anxiety, rebuff loud noise on the public arrest. Populaces modestly disap- ,peared, always through the nights. Your own last name survived confiscated ,in the shows, every top score involving whatever you gave birth to constantly ,accomplished was located cleaned out and about, ones just the once way of life happened denied ,and then overlooked. You were eradicated, extinguished: VETERANS ADMINISTRATION- ,PORIZED happened the normal declaration. ,In place of a moment he lived taken advantage of by a form of panic. He befall- ,gan put pen to paper inside a hurried untidy scrawl: ,theyll fire us i don’t nurture theyll wound us at the rear of the ,4 ,strip of land i dont concentration guzzle with larger they always burst anyone ,in the back of the stem i dont attention to detail the length of with your government—— ,,,,

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kwietnia 2015