Lajtkraft food intolerance

When you love to eat and cook, experiment, and suddenly you can't... can't eat or drink, this, what you used to, your life is going to change. So as mine. Hard moments, maybe years. Still not on the good track, but probably on the way :)More, than ten years ago i have started to have problems with eat food. Literally. One day, i stopped nearly eating anything since i was filing very, very bad. Everyday migraines, hard swollen stomach, pancreatic pain, trouble breathing, pain in the back radiating from the abdomen, nausea. Frequent pain and cramps, the "twist guts" with cold sweats. Day after day, my family didn't know what is happening, i started to loose weight, i could only drink water what was good for that moment. Of course doctors, medicines, nothing helped. It their eyes i was healthy. Test results were good. So, if they were good, how can i be sick? I felt no one believes me, only family have seen my pain attacks. Many years passed, nothing was changed. Were again, few years ago, started to be even worse. I went to hospital, again tests, no result. I felt worse and worse psychologically. I didn't believe anymore, anyone can help me. Starting everyday with pain do not show bright future. And then i met doctor that believed me, she have heard something about food not tolerance. I didn't. Made test. And then my life have change and started again.That was 3 years ago. I have better and worse moments. But something that changed, was my knowledge about food. Lets agree, i knew nothing before, when i look from today perspective.My husband that helped me a lot, was making research before that in internet a lot, and we could find anything that would track us what is wrong with me. After that he said, as you couldn't find help, maybe now you can help to someone else...Maybe i can, i will do my best.Today, i enjoy experimenting with new kitchen, the one possible for me. Enjoy discovering new food. Enjoy food photography more and more. Still need help from doctor to be on good track, choosing correct food for my self. But doing my best. :)EnjoyXoXoLAJTkRAFT